Pharmagen Healthcare limited is a public limited company (not listed) which was set up in 2007 and is a subsidiary of Pharmagen Limited.
In 2010 the prestigious Acumen Fund of USA partnered with PHL and is now an investee company of Acumen.
Pharmagen Healthcare is the first ISO 9001:2000 certified and socially responsible health care company in Pakistan.

It is a strong addition to the Pharmagen Segments of companies focusing on providing a complete range of both curative and preventive healthcare facilities in particularly sub-urban / under privileged areas of Pakistan. Its aim is to improve the quality of life by providing quality medicines & quality drinking water to the rural population and low income groups of Pakistan.

Vision Statement:
"To become the most respected corporate entity in the country by setting the highest standards of corporate and social responsibility and serve as a model for others to emulate."

Mission Statement:
Strive to improve people’s health and quality of life by delivering products of unquestionable quality
Make healthcare more affordable in Pakistan.
Achieve optimum business growth for the benefit of all stakeholders.
Promote indigenization, self–sufficiency, foreign exchange savings/earnings and value addition in the pharmaceutical sector in Pakistan.
Provide opportunity to the country’s skilled and qualified personnel, particularly in the chemical / Pharmaceuticals field, to realize their true potential.
Set the highest standards in corporate ethics.
Contribute towards endeavors that benefit and promote the country’s social sectors.