Pharmagen Open Water Segment

The Problem

In Pakistan, almost 40% of all illnesses are on account of water-borne diseases. The problem is most acute in congested urban centres, where water supply lines and open sewer drains often lay side by side in the streets. The result is chemical and bacterial contamination of drinking water which causes major health hazards.


The Intervention

In order to provide clean drinking water to communities most impacted by these health hazards, Pharmagen has established community water systems throughout Lahore, a city of 10 million people in Pakistan’s most populated province.

These water shops utilize a comprehensive purification process which removes all the impurities that other processes (e.g., boiling filtering, treating) do not.


Progress To-Date

Currently, Pharmagen has17 water shops set up throughout Lahore. We have customers consist of households, to whom we provide both home delivery and walk-in service.

Our vision is to supply “Pure & Refreshing” drinking water to half a million people per day. In order to reach this goal, we plan to launch 10 additional water shops reaching a capacity of over 1 million litres of water a day.

Pharmagen Open Water Segment